Thailand Company Registration, Office Setup, etc.

Many expats find the process of creating a company in Thailand to be difficult and confusing, due to language barriers and seemingly nationalistic Thai laws. Dealing with "the legalese dialect of English" in the US/UK/Aus/NZ is challenging enough, but coming to Thailand as a foreigner without native legal rights, then adding the Thai-English language barrier, altogether may seem daunting.

It's really not that bad, and obviously, foreign companies do it all the time. You need someone familiar with the system and experienced with the way it's all done.

We can guide you, as professionals who perform these systematic processes routinely, cost-effiently, and in a timely manner, end to end.

All official documents are in Thai. If you are like most expats, then you can't read Thai and can't write Thai, so you don't know what those forms are, how to fill them out in Thai, and what you're signing! Yet, a lot of your money, time, effort and future are riding on those forms.

We speak English fluently. You will not have problems communicating with us, and we will understand you fully. Our sister company in the same office is www.Thai-English-Translation.com aka www.ThaiEnglish.com We understand the importance of English comprehension in order to completely provide what you really need, not just what Thais may already think is some usual standard.

We will make sure that you fully understand your process in Thailand. We can show you the standard forms in English, and translate any esoteric ones on the fly, so that you fully know what is being done on your behalf. The version submitted to the government must be in Thai, but you can read the matching English translation for each form.

We will explain, in complete detail, how we are filling out the forms in Thai. We will not ask that you sign blank forms or things in Thai that you have little clue about. We offer quality personalized service.

Feel free to ask us questions.

Let us know enough about your business so that we can advise you.

We offer complete quality and practical solutions which are appropriate for you needs. We go the extra mile.

While your company is being set up legally, you can move forward towards achieving productivity by finding the most appropriate office location and location (city center vs. cheaper suburban vs. industrial zone), fitting out the office space (desks, partitions, etc.), hiring staff, setting up your computers and network system, and other matters to begin operations. If you wish, we can help you with some or all of these matters, too.

We have experience going back to 1995 setting up offices, and can do these things efficiently at Thai prices.

Please understand that we work efficiently and economically. If you are serious about setting up a company, then please contact our office to arrange an appointment. Meanwhile, you may feel free to browse our website for introductory information.

If you are looking for quality service from an independent and economical office, then please contact us to schedule an appointment.

You may also wish to visit our sister companies, especially Thailand One Stop Shop at www.ThailandOneStopShop.com for guidance in other ways in Thailand.

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